VSXReloaded — Part #1: How to Start Learning Visual Studio Extensibility

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last Visual Studio Extensibility article, back in February 2009. That time—after about two years of active blogging about VSX—I turned to customers and projects that did not allow spending enough time with my favorite topic. Seven years of silence is too much. However, in the recent…

ES 2015 — New Block-Level Variable Declarations

In contrast to other curly brace programming languages like C, C++, Java, or C#, JavaScript shows some unusual behavior. Take a look at this code snippet:

The multiple declarations of the wiggin variable in getWiggin suggests that the instance within the childIndex === 1 branch is different from the other created in the childIndex === 2 section….

Functional JavaScript Programming — Part #1: Introduction

Functional programming is an awesome thing. There are many functional languages out of the space, so if you want to cultivate your knowledge in an artistic level, you can turn to a significant number of them including Haskell, OCaml, F#, ML, Clojure, Erlang, Lisp, and many more. However, in this series, I will teach you the fundamentals…